Foreign Investors

US real estate and particularly net lease property is an attractive proposition for many foreign investors. The passive nature of these investments is one of their greatest features.

Zebra REIT intends making US-based commercial real estate investing simple, highly accessible and extremely affordable to foreign investors:

  • Streamline the process for Foreign investors making it more efficient to invest in net lease property in the U.S.
  • Make “institutional quality” US-based Commercial Real Estate with Fortune 500 tenants available to foreign investors;
  • Make commercial real estate investing in the U.S. available to growing number of foreign investors seeking a fundamentally safe investment strategy, where principal preservation and sustainable income a must;
  • For foreign investors concerned with currency weakness, Zebra REIT provides a low-risk currency hedged alternative with beneficial tax advantages;

Zebra REIT's asset management team takes the worry out of investing your money abroad. While we cater to all our clients and customize our services to meet their individual needs we recognize that foreign investors have special requirements and concerns that need particular attention.

We ultimately provide peace of mind that your investment is being looked after while providing you with a U.S. face and presence for your investment stewardship of any administrative details including:

  • Bookkeeping/Cash Management/Distributions
  • Establish and Maintain banking relationships
  • Comprehensive Investor Reporting
  • Coordination of all tax related matters